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Description:   REALbasic DNS is a complete DNS resolver written entirely in RB supporting Mac OS (Classic and OS X) and Windows. Supports all types of DNS queries (IP, MX, reverse lookup etc.) and can be used as the basis of a DNS server.

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Oh Jasmin Dynamic DNS ohjasmindns is a set of scripts which together with an instance of djbdns or dbndns form a dynamic dns (dyndns) server. Send a web requests to your server and ohjasmindns takes care that your hostname always points to your current IP address. Run your own ...

Python DNS Library This project is to enhance the python DNS library initially written by Guido van Rossum, then extended by Anthony Baxter, Michael Strder and others.

Qt DNS P2P A P2P DNS software framework research platform for exploring the decentralization of the DNS system through the use of P2P architecture. Traditional DNS appearance on the frontend, and P2P on the backend. Cross Platform Qt/C++SQL Backend

Tiny Asynchronous DNS lookup library TADNS is small, portable asynchronous DNS lookup library written in ANSI C. Works on Windows and UNIX. Extremely simple and clean API. The source code resides in single .c file.

ASP DNS Manager for Windows 2000 ASP DNS Manager for Windows 2000 has the purpose to simplify the configuration of Windows 2000's DNS, providing a COM component with Zone and record data manipulation. This component is easy to install and to use in custom scripts, programs or web pages.

Webmin BIND 9 dynamic DNS module BIND 9 dynamic DNS webmin module. This module supports both static and dynamic zones, and IPv4 and IPv6 addressing in both forward and reverse zones.

Wildcard DNS Wildcard DNS is an authoritative DNS Server able to do A, NS, MX, SOA, CNAME, PTR, TXT and AAAA Resource Records. It is used mainly for DNS research. BSD License. split horizon dns feature

YADA - Yet Anoter Dynamic-dns Agent This is a dynamic DNS update client for win32 (and others in the future) that allows a user with dynamic IP to update a standard BIND DNS server when his IP changes.The client supports TSIG (signed) and non TSIG updates.

Zeroconf Multicast DNS daemon Multicast DNS responder daemon written in C++ for Linux/BSD/Windows. This is a wrapper around Apple\'s mDNSResponder source to enable it to deal with multiple clients making it more like the mDNSResponder for OS X. Think Rendezvous(TM) for the rest of us

DNS Discovery Daemon DNS Discovery Daemon (DDD) is a deamon that finds out if the IPv6 configuration on this host is "complete" and that IPv6 addresses for at least one DNS server are known. The purpose is to find out whether the host can operate in IPv6-only mode.

RANLab This is an implementation of the "Random Agent Networks" model, described inGershenson, C. (2006). Towards Self-organizing Bureaucracies. Submitted (ECCO working paper 2006-03).

RB NLP A library of Natural Language Processing (NLP) functions for use in REALbasic (RB) programs, all implemented in pure RB code.

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